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Michael Petyt

Eighteenth Generation Michael Petyt, Lord of Treverth†

John Petyt Lord of Treverth married Joanna de Carminow
Michael Petyt married Amicia Bloyou born 1333
John Petyt, Lord of Ardevora, married Margraet Resaryk
Sir John Petyt, Lord of Ardevora, married Margaret Trenowith

††††††††† This John Petyt, first Petyt Lord of Ardevora, was the son of Michael Petyt, Lord of Treverth.Michael was born about 1330 and was the eldest son of John Petyt, Lord of Treverth. Michael Petyt married Amicia Bloyou. Amicia was the daughter and heiress of Sir John Bloyou and Margaret Tynten, daughter of Sir John Tynten [1] . Through her mother Margaret, Amicia Bloyou inherited quite extensive Tynten lands from her grandfather and these swelled the Petyt Patrimony and descended to her son John Petyt, Lord of Ardevora. Michael Petyt had also been given the manor of Pradannack Wartha, in Cornwall, by his father, John Petyt, Lord of Treverth [2] . This Michael Petyt would have been too young to render service as an MP for Cornwall in the reign of Edward III in 1340. This other Michael may have been an uncle of Michaels.

††††††††††† Michael probably died in 1383 in Cornwall, aged about fifty.



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[1] Lake asserts that this Michael Petyt married Amicia líArkdekne, daughter of Thomas le Arkedekne of Ruan Lanihorne in Cornwall. However, this is without verification. The identification of Amicia Bloyou, above, is dependant on an indenture of John Tynten settling the estates. See Visitations of Cornwall.

[2] These lands were given to Michael which had been formerly held by the Bishop of Exon. This manor was held in socage of the King in 1456 by Michaelís descendants and of the castle of Launceston, and the Earl of Cornwall.


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