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Sir John Petyt

Seventeenth Generation Sir John Petyt, Lord of Ardevora   


Michael Petyt married Amicia Bloyou born 1333
John Petyt, Lord of Ardevora, married Margraet Resaryk
Sir John Petyt, Lord of Ardevora, married Margaret Trenowith
John Petyt
Michael Petyt
married Jane Anthorne  
Married Thomazine Leigh


Again, according to Whittaker, this William Petyt was the younger son of Sir John Petyt, Lord Ardevora, in Cornwall, who died in 1432 [1] . There is a John Petyt, who died on 23 July 1430 in Cornwall [2] . This John Petyt was Lord of Ardevora by right of his wife Margaret Resoryk. Margaret was the daughter and heir of John Resoryk and Isabel, daughter and heir of Thomas Goviley of Goviley and Margaret brought the manors of Resteck, Ardevora and Govely to her marriage to John Petyt [3] . This John Petyt was therefore the only John Petyt of the right generation to be the father of William Petyt, and furthermore, he was the first Petyt Lord of Ardevora. John not only extended the Petyt patrimony through marriage, he also asserted his rights to inherits lands in Trewerys and St Maudit in 1427 [4] . In the deposition John had to prove his lineage and right to these lands, and name his heir, another John. John Petyt, Lord of Ardevora was aged about sixty in 1427, and was therefore probably born about 1367.

John Petyt’s eldest son John was aged about thirty in 1430 when his father died. If Whittakers genealogy is correct, this John would be the elder brother of our William Petyt [5] . This John Petyt died on 10 June 1456 and left at least two sons, John Petit his son and heir, aged 28, and Michael Petit, his second son. The eldest son, John Petyt, had only four daughters, and no sons at all [6] . His eldest daughter, Jane Petyt, married John Killigrew, a landed Cornish family. The second eldest, Eleanor, married John Bevil [7] . Of the two youngest daughters, little is known apart from their names, Elizabeth and Ellen [8] .

 John’s younger brother Michael Petyt, was given the manors of Trelowyth, Trelonk and Goviley by gift of his father by the fealty and service of one red rose a year [9] . On the death of his brother John he also inherited the majority of the lands and titles of the Petyt family in Cornwall and these descended through his son, Thomas, and his grandson, another Thomas, to his great-grandson Michael Petyt [10] . Michael Petyt died unmarried and his sister, Alice, inherited all his estates on his death as his sole heir. She was also proved to be the sole heir, through her great-grandfather Michael Petyt, to ‘part of the heritage of Sir John Petyt’ [11] . Alice Petyt clearly enjoyed the profits of her inheritance during her lifetime, for after her death her first husband, John Tresahar, her second husband claimed the lands. On the death of her second husband, the estates were finally inherited by Alice’s son, Michael Tresahar, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth (1558-1603). The other parts of John Petyts ‘heritage’ descended to the descendants of his four daughters.

It is interesting to note that a John Petyt held lands in Carleton in Nottingham called Petevynpalet from Henry le Scrope for a payment of 12 pence yearly in 1393 [12] . A John Petyt in Lincoln held a thirty-third part of a knights fee at Redemald from Mary the wife of John Roos of Hamlake in 1395. An Edmund Petyt held a quarter of a knight’s fee from William brother of Thomas late earl of Stafford.


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[1] Ardevora is a small town in the parish of Philleigh in Cornwall, and is called Devora today. Philleigh or Filley was called Eglos Ros, and is in the deanery and hundred of Powder

[2] See Visitation of Cornwall, ed. 1874, pp.276-77. . Lake asserts that this Petyt was named Michael, but the Visitation has evidence from Inquisitions Post Mortem which appear convincing.

[3] These lands had been given to Margaret’s father by Otto Lord Bodrugan in perpetuity. See Visitation of Cornwall.

[4] John Petyt gained the manors of from a certain John Chenduit . John Chenduit continued to hold the manors for a payment of thirteen shillings and service to John Petyt.

[5] This John he married Margaret Trenowith of Trenowith

[6] John Petyt had married Jane Anthorne, daughter of William Anthorne, of Cornwall. See Lake quoting the Heralds Visitations of Cornwall in 1620.

[7] Their daughter Maud married Sir Richard Grenville who was a famous sailor in Tudor England and even fought against the Armada in 1588.

[8] This pedigree is, of course, not comprehensive. According to the Trevanion pedigree there was also another daughter, Matilda, who married Thomas Carhayes, who is not mentioned in the Petyt pedigree at all.  See Lake.

[9] Inquisitions post mortem 34 Henry VI.

[10] According to the Pedigree given in Lake Vol. IV, p. 76-78, based on herald’s visitations, Michael’s son Thomas married Thomazine Leigh and had a son Thomas Petyt. This Thomas Petyt married Elizabeth the daughter of John Godolphin. (Harl.4031 and 1079 fo.42) The Goldolphins were a powerful landed Cornish family. Their son, another Thomas Petyt, married Jane the daughter and heiress of Robert Poile by Anne daughter and heiress of Richard Harrington of Fowey. (Harl. MS. 4031 fo.78 and Add.MS 14 315). They had two children, Michael who died unmarried, and Alice. Alice Petyt married James Tresahar and brought the manors of Trelowyth and Goviley to her husband.

[11] See Lake Vol. 4 p. 77 In an Inquisition post mortem in the reign of Henry VI (1435-70), Alice was deemed to have the right to the manors of Trelewyth, Goviley, Ffentorge and Carynack-Petit, which had previously been ‘part of the heritage of Sir John Petyt’. 

[12] For the following see Inquisitions Post mortem Vol.17 15-23 Richard II.


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