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Sir John Petyt

Nineteenth Generation Sir John Petyt , Lord Treverth                 

Sir John Petyt married Isabella Helegan
John Petyt Lord of Treverth married Joanna de Carminow
Michael Petyt married Amicia Bloyou born 1333
John Petyt, Lord of Ardevora, married Margraet Resaryk

t is certain that Michael Petyt, was the son of Sir John Petyt, Lord Treverth, knight [1] . Sir John Petyt was the son of another John Petyt and Isabella Helegan, daughter and co-heir of Richard Helegan [2] .

Sir John Petyt may have died in 1363 [3] . According to Lake this Sir John Petyt married Margaret Carminow, the daughter of Thomas Carminow and Jane Walesbrough [4] . However, from an Inquisition Post Mortem in the fifth year of Henry VI, c. 1427 it seems that this John Petyt married a Joanna Carminow, daughter and heir to Oliver Carminow. The matter is at present unclear. However, Joanna apparently brought the manors of Trelewyth and Eglosros, or Ardevora to her husband John Petyt.


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[1] See Visitations of Cornwall p. 276-7.

[2] See below,

[3] See Visitations of Cornwall.

[4] See Lake p.286 Vol.II based on Heralds Visitations of 1620. Hereafter referred to as Pedigree.


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