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The Arkedekne

The Arkedekne Connection 

Amicia l’Arkdekne was the daughter of Thomas l’Arkdekne [1] . The l’Arkdeknes had been associated with Tintagel castle in Cornwall since the mid thirteenth century. Amicia’s father Thomas was the only son of Richard l’Arkdekne. This Richard had married Jane, daughter of John Bossowr, probably in the 1350s.

       Richard l’Arkdekne was the third of nine sons born to Sir John l’Arkdekne of Ruan Lanihorne in Cornwall [2] . His eldest brother Ralph died about 1377 and the second brother Warin l’Arkdekne inherited the estates. Warin married Elizabeth Talbot, daughter of John Talbot of Castell Richard in County Herefordshire. Elizabeth was the first sister and co-heir of her brother, another John Talbot, who died in 1388. The Talbots were a powerful family in the late thirteenth and early fourteenth century [3] . Gilbert Talbot was a tenant of the Earl of Lancaster and kinsman through his mother Sarah of William Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick. Gilbert was pardoned for his share in the death of Gaveston and fought at Boroughbridge against the King Edward II. Gilbert was fined 2,000 pounds and one tun of wine to be given yearly to the King. Then he was freed.

       Warin died about 1400, and his wife Elizabeth on 3 August 1407. They had four daughters, Alienor who married William Lucy, Phillipe who married Sir Hugh Courtenay, Margery who married Thomas Arundell and Elizabeth who married Otes son and heir of Sir John Trevarthian. Amicias’ father Thomas l’Arkdekne was the next male heir, but the lands were divided among Warin's four daughters.

       Amicia's great grandfather Sir John l’Arkdekne of Ruan Lanihorne was aged about 25 in 1331 and was born about 1306. He married Cecily Haccombe about 1327 [4] . Cecily was the daughter and heir of Jordan de Haccombe of Devon and his wife Isabel, daughter of Mauger of St Aubin. Sir John was summoned to council on 25 February 1341-2 and was involved in the French Wars. He probably fought in the battle of Crecy. He was pardoned in 1351/2 for escaping from Launceston castle where he had been imprisoned. It is not certain why he was imprisoned. He died before 21 December 1377 and his will was proved about 1390.

       John l’Arkdekne was the son of Sir Thomas l’Arkdekne. Thomas was MP for Edward III in 1321-24 and governor of Tintagel 1312, Sheriff of Cornwall 1313-14. He died before 21 August 1331. His first wife was Alice de la Roche daughter and co-heir of Thomas de la Roche. He married secondly Maud the heiress of John Tracy and she brought half a knights fee in Trevisquite to the marriage. In 1334, Maud was accused of adultery with Julian Tregenhay, but was still living in 1362.

       Sir Thomas’s father Otho l’Arkdekne died about 1289-90. He had married Amice. His father Sir Thomas was the son of Michael l’Arkdekne who flourished about 1242.

The arms of the l’Arkdeknes are ‘Argent, three chevronels gules.’



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[1] For the following see Cockagnes peerage Vol.I p.186-188 and Lake Vol. 4 p.257, based on Sir William Pole and Harleain MSS 4031.

[2] In order of age the nine sons were Ralph, Warin, Richard, Otho, John, Robert, Martyn, Reginald, Michael.

[3] For the following see the National Biographical Dictionary.

[4] He received dispensation from the pope to marry on 23 December 1327 as they were within the prohibited degree.


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