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John Le Petit

Twenty-second Generation The Petits of Binnerton               

John Le Petit married Alice
John Le Petit married Laure
Michael Petit
Sir John Petyt married Isabella Heegan


The John Le Petit above was the son of another John Le Petit [15] .  He is the first Petit recorded in pedigrees constructed from the Heralds visitations of the 1620s [16] . His coat of arms was ‘Argent, a lion passant (or salient) gules’, which differs very slightly from the arms given to William Petyt in 1670 [17] .

            John le Petit and Alice his wife held lands in Cornwall in 1262. These lands were held from Stephen de Bello Campos and valued at over 56 shillings and eight pence. These lands included rents and the homage of five men in Binnerton Crowan, and three acres and one furlong of land in the area of Gulval. Alice and John were also granted ‘housebot and haybot’ at his manorial court in Trenearth and pannage of twenty swine in his woods at Binnereton [18] . It is interesting that in Crowsan-in Wragh in St Buryan, a Robert de Carmenou owed homage to John le Petit after 1262. For all this Stephen Bello Campo merely required that John Petit attend his court every three weeks for all the ‘service custom demand’. It would appear that John Petit paid for his lands with personal service to his lord. These lands may have been part of the dowry of Alice when she married John Petit, and it is possible that Alice was the sister or daughter of Stephen Bello Campos. Alternatively, the lands may have been given to John Petit as he was one of the retinue of Stephen Bello Campos. John le Petit is noted in 1284 in a dispute with Ogerum de Boffrasel over land in Tresulbrethen [19] .  In the rentals of the Earl of Cornwall 1297-98 a Willelmo Petyt and ‘Alicia Pontere owed a sum of 12 pence, and Willelmo Petit owed 12 pence for lands in Chicester in Sussex [20] . In the same year a ‘Iohanne le Petit owed 10 shillings for ‘Feoda Firme’ in helleston in Kerrier [21] . A Roger de Carminou paid fourteen shillings for the manor of Keniel in the same year.      

       John’s wife Alice was the daughter of Mirabella, who married Roger de Dirhull. Alice and her sister Emma were the coheirs of their mother Mirabella, but in 1249 Alice and her husband John Petit gave Emma 14 marks of silver to quitclaim the lands [22] . These lands were mainly in Gulval in Cornwall [23] . It is possible that John’s wife Alice was a Beauchamp, and the daughter of Michael Beauchamp. It is also possible that this Michael Beauchamp was related to the Beauchamp Earls of Warwick [24] .

It is interesting to note that a Roger le Petit held eight acres of land in Normanneby in Yorkshire in 1246 [25] .



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[17] Lake Vol.4 pp76-78, and p. 148. This differs from the arms granted to William Petyt in 1670, by the addition of ‘a dexter point pheon sable’.

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[19] Visitation of Cornwall. In the original Visitation of Cornwall in 1620 this John le Petit is said to be the cousin and heir of Otes Petit and his wife Isabella la Blanche, daughter of King John. This is a misreading of the  Helegan pedigree.

[20] See Rentals of the Earldom of Cornwall.

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[24] This has yet to be researched.

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