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Welcome. This is the website of Gillian Waters and publishes some of my Family History and other research. As with any ongoing research these pages are subject to change over time, so please return to find updates when you are able..

I hope you enjoy browsing these pages. I am quite happy for those who wish to use this information for private research projects to do so. All I ask is that you acknowledge this source of information. I have endeavoured to acknowledge those whose work I have used in my research, but all errors are my own.

When I was seventeen years old I interviewed all my relatives and recorded the stories that had come from my grandparents grandparents.

I vividly remember deciding to research my own family tree seriously with my grandfather. We made an appointment to see the registrar in our local town and asked for the birth certificate of my great grandfather. All we had was a name and my grandfather's hazy recollection of his fathers age. The registrar was very understanding, being faced with a young girl and her grandfather, and directed us to the census returns in the local library. I would like to thank her and all registrars for their great patience and understanding with family historians.

Since then I have appreciated and benefited from the help of many archivists, librarians, historians, and family historians. I hope that my contribution may help others

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