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Christopher Petty
Henry Petty of Cowthorpe

Eleventh Generation - Christopher Petty of Storithes

                 Little is known of Christoper Petty the father of William Petyt ‘of Storithes’ [1] . He lived at Storithes near Bolton Abbey, and was probably a yeoman farmer. He may have had a son Thomas Petty, gentleman, who lived in Carlton in Craven until 1659, but this is unproved [2] . However, this Thomas Petty may have been more connected with his 'good friend' Thomas Petty who was superviser and signitory to his will.

Christopher Pettie, of ‘Storisse in the parish of Skipton’ died on 24 June 1612 and his will was proved on 18 April 1616 [3] .  This Christopher Petty is described as a husbandman. Christopher Petty may also have worked for the Cliffords of Skipton castle as a Christopher Petty is recorded living at Skipton castle in 1595 who is likely to be the same man [4] . It would appear that his son William Petyt was of the yeomanry rather than lesser gentry stock as in the grant of arms to his son William Petyt in 1658 he is described as ‘beinge borne of good and honest parentage’ [5] . This would fit the description of Christopher Petty as a husbandman. There may also be a connection with the Inns of Court as a Francis Petyt was a witness to a land transfer in 1601 [6] .

In his will Christopher mentions his brother Henry Petty, to whom he gives one cow, a jacket, a doiublet and a pair of breeches [7] . He left three shillings and four pence to repair Botlon Church and desired to be buried in the churchyard of 'Bolton in Chammond' [8] .

His wife Jane, he left well provided for, giving her a third of the corn grain and straw tythe from Storithes, and a third part of profit from lands called Ungain. She was also given the right to stay in her home for her natural life, paying a third of all rents payable. The other two thirds of the tythe and profits from Ungain were to go to Christophers son Christopher. Christopher also benefitted by gaining a messuage or tenement in Storithes that his father had bought from John Moon.

Christopher's son William seems to be the eldest of the two sons as he is made executor of the will with his mother Jane Petty. He appears to inherit the leases associated with the tenement and messuage at Storithes.

The supervisor of Christopher's will was a Thomas Petty 'my good friend'. He also witnessed the will. This Thomas Petty does not therefore seem to be closely associated with Christopher Pettyt's family, but may have been a distant relation. He may indeed have been the Thomas Petty of Embsay Kirk father of Mary Petty who married Christopher's son William Petty of Storithes in 1632 [9] .  The close association between their fathers may explain their later marriage. Interestingly another witness is Robert Petty. A Robert Petty of of Embsay Kirk had married Alse Barker in 1606 [10] . He may have been a brother of Mary Petty, and son of Thomas Petty of Embsay Kirk. There are certainly close connections between these two lines of Petty's which may indicate a distant family connection.

The Pettys of Cowthorpe

Christopher Petty of Storithes brother Henry Petyt settled in Cowthorpe near Wetherby [11] . Henry Petty is described as an uncle of Sylvester Petyt through the details of his grandsons in Sylvesters Charity of 1725, howver it would appear that Henry is Sylvester's great-uncle. A Christopher Petty of Bickerton is godparent to Christopher's grandaughter, Ann Petty in 1622 who may be a close relation.

Henry Petty married Ann Thackray in 1581
[12] . Henry and Anna Petty had a family of eight children, including six sons Henry, George, Oswold, John, Robert and Edward [13] . Henry's daughter Helenor married William Bolton in 1619 [14] . Henry died and was buried in August 1628 and his widow Anna was buried in the January of 1629 [15] .

Henry Petty's eldest son Henry married Barbara Clough and they had a family of three daughters Anna, Jane and Alisia and one son John [17] . One of their daughter Anna's godparents at her baptism in 1622 was a Christopher Petty of Bickerton. Henry's first wife Barbara seems to have died between 1630 and 1634 when Henry Petty married Janet Steele, widow [18] . Henry and Janet Petty had a family of five children of whom two sons, Richard and Wiliam, and one daughter Oliva survived [19] . Henry Petty was buried in 1651, and his wife Janet was buried in 1658 [20] . Henry's son Richard seems to have been recorded in the details of the Trustees of Sylvester Petyt's Charity in 1725. Mary widow of Richard Petty of Cole-thorpe was given £5 in 1725. Richard Petty, householder, was buried in 1721 [21] .

Henry Petty's youngest son Edward married Elizabeth and they had a family of six children, including two sons Henry and John and four daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Barbary and Hannah [22] . Edward Petty, Clerke, was buried in 1690, his wife Elizabeth was buried in 1712 [23] . In 1725 Edward's son Henry Pettyt of Cole-thorpe is recorded. His grandfather, Henry, was described as 'uncle' to Sylvester Petyt of Storithes [24] . This would denote a very close relationship. He was given £10 by the Trustees of Sylvesters Charity. Henry Petty had married twice, first to Barbara who died from complications after the birth of her daughter Jane in 1681. Henry buried both mother and daughter [25] . He then had five daughters and two sons by his wife Anne of whom only three daughters survived, Barbara, Isabel and Christiana survived infancy [26] . In 1725 Henry Petty had paid composition for three acres which were his and three acres in Middle Carr in Warfield in Cowthorpe [27] . Henry Petty's daughter Barbary Petty married John Petty in 1715 [28] . John and Barbara had two children of whom only one daughter Jane survived [29] . In 1725 Edward's son John Petty of Cole-thorpe was also given £5 by Sylvester Petyt's Trust.

Henry Petty's third son George married Anna. They lived at Moorside in Cowthorpe and had a large family of whom two daughters Anna and Elizabeth, and two sons Henry and Michael, survived [30] . George Petty was buried in 1664, his widow Anne was buried in 1676 [31] . George's daughter Elizabeth married Roger Dobson of Hunsingore and bequeathed the interest of £5 to the church in 1704 [32] .George Petty's son Henry was a cousin to Sylvester and William Petyt of Storithes. Henry Petty lived at Moorside in Cowthorpe and married Margaret. They had a family of two sons George and Henry [33] .George Pettyt of Colethorpe is described as 'cousin once removed from the Testator, aged 64' in 1725 [34] . Henry's son George was a widow, his wife Dorothy having died in 1722 [35] . George and Dorothy had four children, Richard, William, Henry and Mary [36] .George was given £5 by the Trustees of Sylvester Petyt's Charity [37] . In 1725 George Petty paid composition for one acre in Warfield in Cowthorpe [38] . George's son Richard Petty had three children, of whom only two sons survived, Richard and George [39] . George's daughter Mary Petty married John Lythe of Walton in 1719 [40] .

An Andrew Petty who may be connected married Avice and they had a family of ten children of whom two sons William and Richard, and three daughters Anna, Isabel and Elianor survived [41] . Andrew Petty was buried in 1692 and his widow Avice was buried in 1709 [42] . Andrew's daughter Ellianor married Robert Watson in 1707 [43] .



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[1] See Dawson.

[1] Most of what follows in based on Dawson’s account in the History of Skipton on p.247.. Dawson refers to an article by Mrs. G.A.Patmore in the Craven Pioneer, a biography of the Petyts, which may have further information. I have yet to check this source.

[2] See Catalogue of Yorkshire Wills at Somerset House for the Years 1649-1660, compiled by Mr. Francis Collins. P. 256 (Register Nabbs, fol. 142) n A Thomas Petty, gentleman, of Carlton in Craven’s will was dated 18 August 1659. His administrator was his widow Anne. In a Deed dated 23 March 1621/2 a John Pettie of Airton, husbandman and a Thomas Pettie carpenter of Airton are recorded. Raistrick Archive. In a deed from the same archive dated 21 April 1717 a John petty of Airton assigns a close called Upper Ground in Airton in trust for Foster Cunliffe of Liverpool. In another deed from the same archive dated 12 November 1801 there is a conveyance to a Joseph Petty of Airton yeoman of tithes on a field in Airton from a John Slinger of Settle.

[3] See Wills in the York Registry 1514-53, YAS.

[4] If so this Christopher Pettie may be the Christopher Pettie who inhabited Skipton Castle in 1595 when an inventory was taken at the Castle. (See T Spence, The Builders of Skipton Castle.). This has been corroborrated by Anthony Petyt.

[5] See YAJ Vol18, p. 349.

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[11] Cowthorpe is near Wetherby, but was also recorded as Colthorpe.

[12] Henry Pettye married Ann Thackray on 7 May 1580. Cowthorpe Parish Registers.

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[20] Henry Petty buried 22 Jun 1651.1658 Jennet Petty widow buried 06 Sep 1658.Cowthorpe Parish Registers.

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[32] Elizabeth Dobson wife of Roger Dobson of Hunsingore & Daughter of George Petty of Cowthrop died & was buried in the Parish of Hunsingore & out of her Xtian Charity left to yr Poor of the Town of Cowthrop ye sum of five Pounds ye Interest of which according to her desire is to be five shillings & to be dispos'd of by the Minister & Churchwardens annualy upon the 15 Aug 1704 being ye day of her Buriall. Cowthorpe Parish Registers.

[33] Henry Petty sonne of Henry & Margret baptized 22 Dec 1658. Georgius filius Henrici & Margeretae Petty de mooreside baptizatus fuit 18 Aug 1661.Elizabeth Petty the Daughter of Henry & Margeret his wife was Baptized the 18 Aug 1671.Elizabeth the Daughter of Henry Petty & Margaret his wife was buryed the 19 Feb 1671.Cowthorpe Parish Registers.

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[35] Dorathea Petty wife of George was Buried ye 26 Nov 1722.1725 Trustees accounts of Sylvester Petyt's Charity.

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[39] 1699 Grace Petty daughter of Richard in Couthroppe was baptized the 22 Jan 1698/9.Grace petty daughter of Richard in Couthrope was buried the 02 Jun 1705. Richard Petty son of Richard in Couthrope was baptized the 31 Jan 1709/8. George Petty son of Richard and Ann his wife was Baptized 10 May 1717. Cowthorpe Parish Registers.

[40] John Lythe in the Parish of walton and Mary Petty in Cowthrop was married 23 Jun 1719.

[41] Filia abort: Andr: Petty sep: 09 Dec 1645.Gulielmus Petty filius Andreae Petty & Avisiae uxor. illius Baptiz. 19 Nov 1646. Roberto Parkinson Richardo Chapman & Oliva Walkar Tests. Anna Petty Daughter of Andrew & Avis was Baptized 11 Mar 1648.Mary & Barbary Petty Daughters to Andrew & Auis Baptized 04 Aug 1651.Mary Petty daughter to Andrew & Avis buried 13 Mar 1653.Barbara Petty Infant: buried 18 Aug 1651.Isabell Petty daughtr to Andrew & Avis baptiz: 04 Aug 1654. Magdalen Petty daught of Andrew & Auis baptiz: 14 May 1657.Magdalene Pettie was buryed 10 Apr 1693.1660 Robert Petty son of Andrew baptiz: 14 Sep 1660.Robert Petty sonne of Andrew and Anis his wife was Buried 17 May 1675. 1664 Richard the sonne of Andrew Petty & Avis his wife was baptized 25 May 1664. Ellianor Petty the daughter of Andrew & Avis his wife was baptized the 11 Sep 1667.Cowthorpe Parish Registers.

[42] Avice petty wife of Andrew in Cowthrope was buried the 01 May 1709.Andrew Petty of Cowthrope aged 7 5/6 was buryed 19 Jun 1692.Cowthorpe Parish Registers.

[43] Robert Watson and Ellianor petty were married at Couthrop 04 Nov 1707.Cowthorpe Parish Registers.



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